Why The Blue Butterfly Boutique you ask!

I've been asked over the years why I named The Blue Butterfly 'The Blue Butterfly' and the reaction I get is always so heartwarming.  It inspires people to share their experiences and to know that there is hope after losing a loved one in knowing that they are still with us.  After losing my mother to pancreatic cancer twenty five years ago I realized that blue butterflies seemed to make an appearance in many significant times in my life.  I knew my mother was letting me know she was with me. While praying my rosary one day the thought popped in my head that I could name my boutique The Blue Butterfly,  if I every really opened one.  After finishing my rosary I googled The Blue Butterfly to see if the name had yet been taken and to my surprise a site popped up called The Blue Butterfly Pancreatic Cancer Fund!  I knew then that it was meant to be and a few years later my dream metamorphosed into The Blue Butterfly Boutique!  Blue Butterflies continue to make their appearance for important occasions or just on a bad day to lift me up!  Next time you visit our store be sure to ask me to share some blue butterfly stories with you.  

Till we meet again Mom!